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March 2021: Corpus Christi, TX show

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July 2018: Timber is TICA’s Southwest Regions Best Brown Tabby Maine Coon for 2018



This is Aruna’s award for the TICA show year. 


July 2017: RW SGC Calicats Aruna of CascadeMtn loves to attend shows too.  He is a fabulous guy and in the adult class earned a Supreme Grand Champion title and a Southwest Region - Regional Award as well!  He has the most stunning deep fiery red coat and is a very large Maine Coon.

June 2017: Our young man Coonyham Timberlands of CascadeMtn earned a Regional Award in TICA's SW Region, 7th Best Allbreed Kitten for the year.  He is a stunning warm brown classic tabby male.  Thanks Cunningham Family for this gorgeous boy!

March 2017:  The young girls pictured here are Pimacoons French Kiss and KelimCoons Baccarat - both are lovely and social. They've been to several cat shows and liked playing with the judges toys.

February 2017: These young girls are enjoying the show hall experience and had their photos made both separately and together as pictured here.  This is DGC CascadeMtn Crème de Cacao and CascadeMtn Pacifica Del Mar. 

Jan 2017: It has been awhile since I've updated my website. 2016 was a busy year and devoted to change. After nearly 30 years in the Portland OR area; a job change took us to San Diego. We moved to a rental, and then moved again to a house we purchased. Along the way we managed to let go of accumulated stuff we didn't need and are lighter for it. We are enjoying the great weather here and the cats like the abundance of sunshine.

August 2015: We attended the Salzburg, Austria Annual TICA Awards Show and Banquet. Our boy Mainesuspect Tatoosh of CascadeMtn - has an International Kitten Award.

June 2015: Tommy (IW QGC Mainesuspect Tatoosh of CascadeMtn) attended the International Specialty Show in Olympia, WA last weekend. He still loves to attend shows and play with the toys. He has a very great show and he was Best Cat in Show!  This included receiving 5 Best Cat Awards.   Way To Go, Tommy!


June 2015: RW QGC Whatatrill Rum Runner of CascadeMtn is a Regional Winner in TICA's NW Region!  Rummy is a dark brown male with a well sculpted head and perfect profile. He is long and elegant with a beautiful dark coat and extravagant Lynx tips on his ears. He is a sweet determined boy and loves attention and pets. He has a lovely personality and is very curious about investigating his surroundings.  Our Most Heartfelt Thanks to Janet Brown for trusting us with this gorgeous boy.


June 2015: Great News to share! RW SGCA CascadeMtn Beethoven is a Regional Winner. He is TICA's South Central Region's 13th Best Kitten. 

Beeps as he is called, a beautiful brown with white classic Maine Coon is happily living with Tracy Harding-Chavez and her family in Albuquerque NM.  Many thanks to Tracy for presenting Beethoven at his best and taking him to show.  We are proud of this gorgeous young kitten!


June 2015: RW CascadeMtn Buffy of Lionheartcoon is TICA's Europe South Region's 11th Best Kitten. She lives in Italy with Roberto, Samantha and their daughter. She has a happy life and attends some cats shows, but enjoys just hanging out at home.


June 2015: The official standings are out and Tatoosh (Tommy), is an International Award Winner for 2014/2015 as TICA's 14th Best Kitten AND he is the NW Regions Best Kitten.  Here he is pictured at a recent show (May 2015) in Olympia where he earned many finals and came away as the Best Cat for that show. 


March 2015: We are pleased to have a wonderful new addition to our group at CascadeMtn. This young lady is a black silver torbie and white kitten. She comes from a fabulous cattery in New Hampshire, Kelim Coons. Our profound thanks to Rita, Kim and Kelly for trusting us enough to send her here. Thanks Much, ladies.  Stormy is so sweet and affectionate. We love her!

Kelimcoons Stormy Sky of CascadeMtn


June 2014:

Standings have been announced and we have Regional Winners to announce from this past show year

RW QGC Tropikoons
 Flirtini of CascadeMtn has a Regional Kitten Win.  Flirt is a very pretty brown torbie with white female. She has a long frame and beautiful expression, set off by a gorgeous long flowing flashy coat.

June 2014: Yearly Standings are out!
Announcing our BlackHawk has an International Win in the Championship Cat Class.
International Winner CascadeMtn BlackHawk is a very long and substantial adult cat with a beautiful head, very long tail, and tall upright ears.  For a Championship cat Intl Win the cat is typically shown for many months, and we traveled from November through April with Hawk. It's not easy to travel with a hormonal 18 pound male cat but Hawk was great.  He laid his head down and slept on the flights and didn't mark at the show hall or in the hotel. I'm so proud of our beautiful and sweet boy.

Announcing the addition of LAPD Autumn Blaze of CascadeMtn.  This very pretty and typey brown torbie is from Lindy and Emmons Brown (LAPD Cattery).  Thanks, Lindy and Emmons for this very pretty and sweet kitten.

Fall 2013:  This fall we’ve been showing CascadeMtn BlackHawk, a young solid black male.


Hawk is enjoying the shows and traveling with us.  He is doing very well and has been eager to play with the judge’s toys and show off his great personality and lovely Maine Coon type.

May 2013: Regional Winner scores are out and once again Cascade Mountain (CascadeMtn) has several high scoring kittens and cats in TICA’s Northwest Region. Here is how the year went:

International and Regional Winner, CascadeMtn Ace O Spades earned a LifeTime Achievement Award. This highly sought out award was possible as Ace earned two International and one Regional awards.

Regional Winner, CascadeMtn Northern Lights (Mollie) is the NW Region's Best Maine Coon Cat and Third Best Allbreed Cat for the year. This is quite an accomplishment but even more so for a girl.

Regional Winner, Whatatrill Caliente of CascadeMtn earned a Regional Award in the kitten class.

Regional Winner, our beautiful boy Mainesuspect Yuma earned a RW in the cat class.

October 2012: We’ve had several months away from the show hall, but recently attended a show in Salt Lake City, UT, and then the following weekend we were showing in Arcadia, CA. In both shows our very pretty female cat, CascadeMtn Northern Lights (Mollie) earned the requisite amount of points and finals to achieve her Supreme Grand Championship. This is an amazing accomplishment in just two shows!

Photo by Helmi

Now she is Supreme Grand Champion CascadeMtn Northern Lights! In both shows she was Best Allbred Cat in Show!!

Oct 2012: Our cattery’s new Grand Champion is GC CascadeMtn Callejero of Coonquest, owned and presented by Vickie Fisher. He earned his Grand Champion title in only one day of showing at the Salt Lake City cat show held this month. Congrats to Callejero! He is a very beautiful brown classic tabby alter with very good size and magnificent coat.

Photo by Starlight

May 2012: Beautiful cream classic QGCA CascadeMtn Creme Brûlée of CoonAmor finaled in every ring but one at the cat show in Enumclaw, WA., this month. He has attained the Quadruple Grand Champion Alter title in only two cats shows - astonishing for an eight month old young cat and in record time! See more photos of "Bru" under the tab "in the show hall". He is showing beautifully and delighting everyone who sees him. Owner Jan Horlick presented Bru with impeccable grooming at the show.

Creme Brulee

May 2012: GC Mainesuspect Yuma of CascadeMtn, attended a cat show in Enumclaw, WA., and is a One Show Grand Champion. Thanks to Sherry Campbell (Mainesuspect) and Stephanie Boulter (Tropikoons) for sending us this stunning boy with the most amazing dark red coat on white!!


May 2012: It has been a busy month here. Yukari and Yasuyuki Endo (Popokilani Cattery) have visited from Japan and took precious Einstein home with them. Einstein, a brown classic male, has been planning this move to Japan for many months but had to fulfill all the quarantine requirements for the Japanese government before he could travel. Ein has a wonderful new home and better new parents could not be possible. We miss you Ein!, and we had so many great memories with Yukari and Yasuyuki!

May 2012: Regional Winner scores are out and once again Cascade Mountain (CascadeMtn) has several high scoring kittens and cats in TICA’s Northwest Region. Our kitten:

Regional Winner, Supreme Grand Champion: CascadeMtn Lavaman Red Ale is the Northwest Region’s 2nd Best Maine Coon Kitten and the 9th Best Kitten.

photo by Susan Milburn

The Northwest Region’s Best Maine Coon kitten is our own, Lightning Strike!

Regional Winner, Supreme Grand Champion: CascadeMtn Lightning Strike

Lightning Strike went on as an adult showing in the Championship class and attained her Supreme Grand Championship status in just five adult shows. This is a fabulous result for any cat showing during the very competitive last days of the show season, and for a female is very high praise. Her very square jaw and muzzle has excellent length and she is truly an exceptional exam of the extreme edge in type Maine Coon. RW SGC CascadeMtn Lightning Strike is also TICA’s Northwest Region’s Second Best Maine Coon Cat, she finished the show season with a Regional Win in both the kitten and Championship Cat class.

photo by Tetsu

April 2012: Our very beautiful kitten, CascadeMtn C Chanel is on her way to Germany with new mom Angelika Kneifel of Noah’s Ark, Kitten, C Chanel is out of IW SGC CascadeMtn Ace O Spades and CH CascadeMtn Run for the Roses.

We are delighted to place our precious “Cocoa” in this loving home with very trusted breeder and friend Angelika!

March 2012: Our handsome boy CascadeMtn Rip Tide of Tropikoons "Ripper" traveled to Florida and will live with Stephanie Boulter enjoying the Florida sunshine from his screened patio. He is a red classic male with good type and is out of IW SGC Ace O Spades and CH Run for the Roses first litter.

January 2012: Cascade Mountain had a great time at the Portland, OR – TICA cat show presented by TNCC. Our female kitten CascadeMtn Lightning Strike, a beautiful and very typey Black Tortoiseshell, was Best Maine Coon Kitten in show and Second Best Allbreed Kitten at show. We are so proud of this lovely and sweet girl. Next in line was Cascademtn Einstein of Popokilani , he came away as Second Best Maine Coon kitten at show. His sister, Cascademtn Sambuca of Whatatrill was Third Best Maine Coon Kitten at show, and our sweet Cascademtn Crème Brulee came in at Fourth Best Maine Coon Kitten in Show. Wow! What a great show it was! The cats of Cascade Mountain were well represented by this group of young and typey Maine Coon kittens. In the adult class our boy IW SGC CascadeMtn Ace O Spades came away with several finals including a Best Cat in Show, and our pretty brown classic with white female Mainesuspect Chantal of CascadeMtn, also brought home several finals.

July 2011: We took our new young male kitten, Lavaman Red Ale to a show in Los Angeles. He was so noisy on the way to the airport I thought the flight would be awful with everyone upset by the crying cat. Once on the plane he didn’t make a peep! I was so happy he saved it all for the car. On the way home he was just as good, and laid his head down to sleep. Lavaman did great at the show and was the Best Maine Coon kitten in show and the 5th Best Allbreed Kitten with a count of 56 kittens! Yay! Lavaman. He is a red and white tabby male with a beautiful pattern and is already getting quite large. We will be showing Lavaman, and his sister Darby at the Surrey, B.C. show in August.

June 2011: The TICA show season is a wrap. CascadeMtn Cattery had an outstanding year!

Our Up N’ Coming Male, CascadeMtn Ace O’ Spades is the NW Regions’s Best Maine Coon Kitten.
He also ranks 18th Best Kitten Internationally for the 2010-11 TICA show year.

Ace went on to make a Regional Award in the cat class. He is the NW Region’s Best Maine Coon Cat.
He also ranks 43rd Cat Internationally and has an International Winner Longhair Cat Award.

Our lovely lady Whatatrill Bella Luna of CascadeMtn is the NW Region’s Third Best Maine Coon Cat.
Thanks to our very good friend Janet Brown of Whatatrill Maine Coons for sharing Bella with us.

In the Southeast Region CascadeMtn Love Shack of Royallions is 11th Best Cat. Way to Go Shackie!

May 2011: LA SGC CascadeMtn Deschutes with CH Mainesuspect DolceVie of CascadeMtn have a seven week old litter of brown classic and mackerel kittens, they are proud to announce. The litter is doing well and mom has been busy keeping their tummies full and happy.

April 2011: SGC CascadeMtn Ace of Spades played the odds at the “Strip Tease” cat show in Vegas put on by “Cats and Sin City”, cat club. He was Best Cat in Show! This was very much an honor for Ace since many cats that are campaigning for international titles were in attendance. The show season will soon wrap up and we expect Ace will have an International Win in the Kitten class followed by a Long Hair International Win that he put together in only six adult shows. What an amazing accomplishment for this handsome and typey guy. We are so proud of him and the ease with which he shows.

April 2011: Ace, our solid black male Maine Coon has done it again! The show report for Wine Country, Plymouth CA is out.
SGC CascadeMtn Ace O' Spades is again Best Cat in Show! Wine Country was a fun show and held at a fairgrounds in Plymouth, CA. We had a great show and a wonderful time. Woot! This boy is hot!

March 2011: Our young cat, CascadeMtn Ace of Spades is hot! He was Best Cat In Show, at two TICA shows back to back. First, at the East of Eden cat show in Monterey, CA., Ace scored a final in every ring and went on the be the Best Cat in Show! He was also the highest scoring Maine Coon at the show. Next Ace went to the Cat Fancier’s of British Columbia show in Langely, B.C. At this three day show, he again came away as Best Cat in Show! While attending these shows he completed the requirements, and in record time, for the very sought after title, Supreme Grand Champion. He likes to show and is having fun at the shows, often purring throughout the day. Way to Go !! … SGC CascadeMtn Ace of Spades

February 2011: CascadeMtn Ace of Spades, our solid black male has finished up showing as a kitten. He had several very goods shows and is currently standing at 17th Best International Kitten for the 2010/2011 TICA show year. See Ace’s photos at his page under “Males”. The show year is still open and we expect Ace will fall in the standings. However, we are very hopeful he will continue to stay in the top 25 Kittens and have a very well deserved
International Win!

Ace showed in the Championship class for the first time in Ferndale, WA. At that show he Granded in only one day and left the show weekend a Double Grand Champion! He went on to show at Monterey, CA and finished the show as a Quadruple Grand Champion. He was Best Cat in Show and also Best Maine Coon in show. He is showing very well and looks fabulous on the judge’s table. He is already 15 pounds and very long and muscular. We are very pleased that Ace is doing well in the show hall and living up to what we saw in him as a young kitten.

January 2011: We have new kittens! The handsome couple responsible are:
RW SGC Graziegatto Radio Flyer of LAPD - a handsome red classic male owned by Emmons and Melinda Brown ... and
RW SGC Whatatrill Bella Luna of CascadeMtn. Bella is a blue classic torbie with white female of ours.
We have five kittens who are thriving. Coongrats Red and Bella! Way to Go!

RW SGC Mainesuspect Samurai of CascadeMtn X RW QGC Bigrivercoon Bacardi have a beautiful litter of kittens born the middle of January. They have presented us with two brown and white kittens of each sex, and one blue classic male. Mom and kittens are doing very well, although we have discovered that Bacardi likes to keep us guessing as she moves the litter around the bedroom.

November 2010: We belong to the Fog City Cat Club and annually hold our show in Pleasanton, CA, over Thanksgiving weekend. This year because of the bad weather it was white knuckles driving through Oregon. Once we cleared the pass and entered California the sun was brightly shining. The club members set up the show hall on Friday and the judges began to fly into judge our show. Saturday the show began. We think the show was a success and all who attended had a fun time.

We have to brag a little bit here and talk about our black male kitten, CascadeMtn Ace O Spades. Ace is out of RW SGC CascadeMtn Kona Black Sand of Whatatrill and RW SGC Broadsway Arizona of CascadeMtn. Ace was third Best Kitten in Show! He showed nicely and received many compliments from the judges that liked him. Ace now has photos posted on our website under Males. Also, our girl Williamina Honey Bee of Cascademtn received a final at the show too. It is difficult for girls to compete against the larger and heavier boys. Honey loves the show and shows really well, always enthusiastically playing with the judges toys. Honey is from Michi and Russ Hagan of Williamina, a cattery in Japan. She is a beautiful girl with huge ears and a beautiful pattern.

The newest addition to our cattery also attended her very first show! We are pleased to announce Whatatrill Sunflower of CascadeMtn. Sunny as she is affectionately called came home with us after the Fog City show. Sunny is a beautiful brown classic torbie with white and a gift from our very good friend Janet Brown of Whatatrill cattery in Petaluma California. Thanks Janet, for another really lovely girl. Sunny is out of RW SGC Mainesuspect Samurai of CascadeMtn and RW SGC Whatatrill Verdugo. Young Sunny at four months old received two finals at the show including a Best Kitten from Laurie Schiff. Way To Go Sunny!


October 2010: We had a wonderful time at the Okanagan Cat Fancier’s Cat show in Kelowna, B.C. The club presented a very nice show and both Bacardi and Bella added many points to their Championship cat status. Our lovely lady Bella (SGC Whatatrill Bella Luna of Cascademtn) made a Best Cat in Heather Robert’s ring which was the last requirement needed for her new title, Supreme Grand Champion. This is a very sought after title and for girls it is a real challenge as they often fit all the Maine Coon standard requirements in type and conformation but lack the size of their competition, the boys. Bella has size and good boning for a girl and her muzzle is wide and square then finished by a deep chin. Bacardi was so close to making her Supreme Grand Championship title but only made a Second Best cat. It was so close for Bacardi but she will have to wait for another show.

September 2010: The International Cat Association (TICA) held its annual show and awards banquet in Santa Clara, CA this year. What a fun time; and Jazzy Cats did an outstanding job of producing a blockbuster of a show. Cats and their people came from all parts of the US, Asia, and Europe and S. America. We saw many friends we’ve not been with for awhile. Our friends Michi and Russ Hagan brought to us from Japan a dear and lovely young female we’ve named Honey Bee (Williamina Honey Bee of CascadeMtn). She is a beautiful and typey girl with a light warm honey colored brown classic coat. Our many thanks to Michi and Russ for making this sacrifice and bringing us this outstanding girl that they probably wished to keep in their breeding program. She is so sweet and purred the entire way home. We love her!

In the adult class of the show we had a wonderful surprise as Whatatrill Bella Luna of CascadeMtn was the highest placing female Maine Coon cat with 3 finals. This is a very nice accomplishment for a female at an annual as often the boys are the only cats that place. Bella’s parents are RW SGC CascadeMtn Kona Black Sand of Whatatrill and RW TGC Whatatrill Megowatt. This fine pairing of Whatatrill and CascadeMtn produced beautiful Bella Luna and is a tribute to both catteries. Our other entry in the adult class was RW QGC Big River Coon Bacardi of CascadeMtn. She placed at the annual with one final in the adult cat class, and we are so proud of her.

June 2010: RW SGC CascadeMtn Kona Black Sand of Whatatrill X RW SGC Broadsway Arizona of CascadeMtn is proud and pleased to announce their litter of three kittens born early June 2010. They have one solid black male, and two brown torbie female kittens. All the family is well and healthy. Since the kittens have less competition at the food bar they are growing fast.

May 2010: The show year is over and a new one has begun. The standings for the association (TICA) are being tallied but so far it looks like Cascade Mountain has several Regional Winners: RW SGC Broadsway Arizona of Cascademtn, our very pretty black tortie is the Northwest Region’s 13th Best Cat, RW SGC Mainesuspect Samurai of Cascademtn, our handsome brown and white boy is 16th Best Cat. In the Kitten category is RW BigRiverCoon Bacardi of Cascademtn, a striking brown classic tabby girl and standing as 5th Best Kitten for the Northwest Region.

In the Mid-Pacific Region a transplant from our cattery, RW SGC Cascademtn Kona Black Sand of Whatatrill, is 9th Best Cat. Thank you to Janet Brown of Whatatrill for showing Kona to his potential and for making many trips to the store to buy him turkey baby food which he likes to consume by the gallon (well… almost).

February 2010: We have a lovely new female kitten, Whatatrill Bella Luna of CascadeMtn.
Bella Luna is a blue torbie with white female. She has lovely size and conformation. Many thanks go out to our friend Janet Brown of Whatatrill for sharing this beautiful girl with us. Bella Luna is out of CascadeMtn Kona Black Sand of Whatatrill and Whatatrill Megowat. Both Kona and Meg are outstanding Maine Coon cats and we are so proud to have a kitten from them.

IW SGCA Pinecoon Rolling Thunder of CascadeMtn, affectionately know as “Ripple” is pictured in Maine Coon magazine. It is a magazine about Maine Coons, a publication by the editors of Cat Fancy magazine. You’ll find his photo on page 4 across from an article about the historical events that shaped the look of today’s Maine Coon cat. The photo of Ripple (left side) was taken by Helmi at the TICA annual in Edmonton, Alberta.

October 2009: We are pleased and proud to announce, Broadsway Arizona of CascadeMtn is now a Supreme Grand Champion! This amazing girl was able to fulfill all the requirements for this very sought after title in only 4 adult cat shows. This is an incredible feat for any cat and more so for a girl, since the written standard favors the male Maine Coon. Thanks to all the judges that saw past her gender and smaller than a male size. She has excellent construction and dramatic looks plus the calm and easy going nature of a show cat. We look forward to showing her over the next several months.

At our most recent cat show in Calgary, Alberta we were able to bring along Sarajenn BlackBerry of Whatatrill to the show. Arizona and Berry have been showing together for the past several months and have become very fast friends (kinda like their human moms - Susan and Janet). The cats really enjoy romping around the hotel room together and chasing after their toys. Berry had a wonderful show as she was Best Kitten for the show. Arizona too had a great show as she was awarded several Best Cats, giving her what she needed to fulfill the requirements for her Supreme!

August 2009: This month we had several fun filled weekends seeing many friends in the show halls. Janet (Whatatrill) and I traveled together to the cat show in Arcadia, CA. SoCal ExoTICA put on a well run show and we had a wonderful time. Most importantly, SGC CascadeMtn Kona Black Sand of Whatatrill was awarded the Best Cat he needed to win his Supreme Grand Champion status. We are so proud of Kona! He is such a lovable sweet boy who has a great time at the shows. He especially loves to eat all the special treats we bring along for him.

July 2009: Cascademtn Deschutes, our handsome blue stud male, has completed all the requirements for, and been awarded, TICA’s Lifetime Achievement Award. This very prestigious award is granted to cats that have excelled in the show ring and have at least one International Award and two other International or Regional Award’s. Way To Go, Deschutes!

RW SGC Mainesuspect Harley D of Mymains and Cascademtn Kona Big Wave have very special and exciting news to share: they have 8 beautiful kittens born June 16th, 2009. All the kittens and mom are doing well.

June 2009: The Northwest Regional Award’s for the past show year have just been posted. Cascade Mountain is pleased to announce our Regional Winners. This year we have the Best Maine Coon Cat, Broadsway RedCorvette of CascadeMtn. Way To Go – Corrie!! Our beautiful blue mackerel boy, CascadeMtn Deschutes is Third Best Maine Coon Cat. The Northwest Region’s Best Maine Coon Kitten is our fabulous CascadeMtn Caramel Macchiato, “Mac”. Coongrats to all the Region’s winner for the 2008/2009 show season.

May 2009: The new show season has begun. CascadeMtn Kona Black Sand attended the Longview Wa, show and came away from his very first adult show a ONE SHOW Grand Champion. He was also the best scoring Maine Coon Cat. Kona loves to show and have the attention of the judge. He had fun playing with the many toys and eating chicken treats. Way to Go, Kona! Our new kitten, Dolce Vie from Mainesuspect was the best scoring Maine Coon kitten at the show. Dolce had fun showing and likes to stand at the front of the judging cage to try and snag the judges toy with her paw.

The results for the show season 2008/2009 are in and Cascade Mountain is pleased to announce the following Northwest Regional Awards. These results are currently unofficial and placement is subject to change.

TICA’s 19th Best Kitten, Northwest Region, CascadeMtn Caramel Macchiato
TICA’s Best Maine Coon Kitten, Northwest Region, CascadeMtn Caramel Macchiato

TICA’s 11th Best Cat, Northwest Region, Broadsway Red Corvette of CascadeMtn
TICA’s Best Maine Coon Cat, Northwest Region, Broadsway Red Corvette of CascadeMtn

TICA’s 14th Best Cat, Northwest Region, CascadeMtn Deschutes
TICA’s 2nd Best Maine Coon Cat, Northwest Region, CascadeMtn Deschutes

April 2009: We have a new kitten from our friend Sherry Campbell, Mainesuspect Maine Coons. Dolce Vie is a very cute Brown Classic Tabby female with great personality and attitude. Thanks Sherry, this girl is wonderful and so sweet!

IW SGC CascadeMtn McKenzie and Broadsway Savannah of CascadeMtn are proud and happy to announce the birth of their second litter on April 15th, 2009. All kittens are reserved!

August 2008: Cascade Mountain is pleased to announce our newest litter born in August, 2008. IW SGC CascadeMtn McKenzie x Broadsway Savannah of CascadeMtn has a litter of 8 beautiful new babies. See the “Kittens” page for more details.

Cascade Mountain is very pleased to announce our TWO International Winners for the 2007/2008 show year. CascadeMtn Deschutes is TICA’s 8th Best Kitten, and CascadeMtn McKenzie is TICA’s 15th Best Kitten. Way to Go Guys! Along the way these boys played with, and conquered many, toys (ripping them to shreds) and they consumed a whole lotta chicken treats to keep the show experience fun. It was a memorable time (mostly fun but sometimes tiring) and we had a great time in the show hall and out on the town with many of TICA’s most enjoyable people.

July 2008: Cascade Mountain is proud to announce our Regional Winners for the 2007-2008 show year:

CascadeMtn Deschutes is the NW Region’s 2nd Best Kitten, and the Best Blue Mackerel Tabby Maine Coon of the year. He is also the NW Regions 9th Best Longhair Cat.

CascadeMtn McKenzie is the NW Region’s 3rd Best Kitten, and the Best Red Mackerel Tabby Maine Coon of the year. McKenzie is also the NW Region’s 7th Best Longhair Cat.

CascadeMtn Deschutes is the NW Region’s Best Maine Coon Kitten of the year, and CascadeMtn McKenzie is the Second Best Maine Coon Kitten of the year.

Our lovely lady, SGC Broadsway RedCorvette of CascadeMtn is now a Supreme Grand Champion! “Corrie” earned several “Best Cats” at the MP Regional in Hayward, CA., making her the most recent CascadeMtn Supreme. You Go Girl!

May 2008: We have especially great news to share! Deschutes (aka, “Trout”) achieved the title, Supreme Grand Champion. He needed only a Best Cat for this important goal and at the Longview show brought home: 2 Best Cats, and 3 Second Best Cats. He did all this in only 1 day, Saturday - and didn’t return on Sunday. A heat wave led us to believe the non-air conditioned show hall was best left for another time.

April 2008: Coonyham Maserati of CascadeMtn, “Mari” has had her babies – 5 beautiful brown squirmy sausages (okay… they are kittens but currently look like little pigs in a blanket)! The proud dad is RW SGC Coondalay MacCallan of Pinecoon (really… he doesn’t have a clue). Please visit our kittens page for details. All kittens are reserved.

We have a new kitten! Broadsway cattery sent us a very special girl, Broadsway RedCorvette of CascadeMtn. She is a red with white ticked tabby and is a beauty! See her page in the Cat section.

The very best of news! McKenzie earned his very sought after title Supreme Grand Champion, at the Lodi, CA, show. Incredibly, he accomplished this amazing deed in only 3 adult shows. Coongrats to this beautiful and sweet guy!

March 2008: The guys, McKenzie and Deschutes, are in the adult cat class now. They hopefully gained enough points while in the kitten class to have very high Regional Awards, or possible International Wins. Cross our paws, we hope those scores will hold through the end of the year. McKenzie began his first adult show as 2nd Best Cat, at the Albany, Oregon cat show. Deschutes was 7th Best Cat.

February 2008: Deschutes went to the East Coast to show in February, attending the Karousel Kats show in Reading, PA., where he was 6th Best Kitten in show; and then on to the Livonia, MI., show. In Livonia, he ended the show as 6th Best Kitten. Meanwhile his brother, McKenzie stayed closer to home and was 2nd Best Kitten at the Evergreen show in Seattle, and then went to Arcadia and ended the show as 3rd Best Kitten.

January 2008: Our kittens McKenzie and Deschutes are doing great at the shows and mostly are at the very top of the show reports for the kitten class. McKenzie was 3rd Best Kitten, and Deschutes 5th Best Kitten at the January Lodi, CA., show. Deschutes was the very Best Kitten at the January, 2008 - Pacific Outlaws show, and 5th Best Kitten at the Born Free show in Arcadia. At the Portland, OR January show, McKenzie went forward of Deschutes and was the 2nd Best Kitten in show, with Deschutes showing as 4th Best Kitten. Wowee … what a January it has been.

November 2007: The kittens from the Callan vs. Callie summer litter are old enough for the show hall. We kept 2 kittens from the litter: Rocket and Blaze, (Rocket who is now CascadeMtn McKenzie and Blaze who is now CascadeMtn Deschutes). In November the kittens have been in Langley, B.C. for their first kitten show and then we went to the FogCity show outside of San Francisco. They show beautifully and are doing well in the show having won many finals. Their brother “Billy” went to a new home in Portland where his is loved and adored.

August 2007  - We have a beautiful new kitten -- Mari (Coonyham Maserati of CascadeMtn)!

Summer 2007 - We are pleased to announce that both Daytona and Indianapolis earned Regional Awards this past show year 2006/2007. See their respective pages for more details. 

Also this summer, Callie presented us with 3 beautiful kittens. The proud dad is RW SGC Coondalay MacCallan of Pinecoon.  Please visit our kittens page for details.

Spring 2007 – Time slipped through our fingers and we didn’t do many updates through the year.  Our best news was that both Indiana and Daytona finished the show year having earned their Supreme Grand Champion titles!  We are so pleased to see two kittens from our first litter obtain that very sought after title!   

Oct 2006:  The past couple of months we’ve been on the road showing Daytona and Indiana. The road trip we took to Reno was a fun time with great weather. We met up with our good friend Janet Brown of WhataTrill, and enjoyed a fun weekend together at the cat show (and at the casino). The kittens are showing well and doing great in the show hall. They are holding their own in the kitten class and learning the ropes of traveling. It is a lot of fun to take them to shows. We plan to be at a show in Portland the end of October and then onto the CanAm show in Richmond, B.C. in November.