Cascade Mountain

Maine Coons

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We are located in South Carolina near the Georgia border. Please contact us.

Please be sure to include in your inquiry: who you are, where you live, other animals or children living in the home and your experience with cats. Thanks. 

We carefully breed to produce kittens that are healthy, have great personality, and are affectionate. We use only breeding cats free of cardiac and hip issues and test these cats for these health concerns. The kitten's ancestors are top winning show cats, and these kittens have wonderful Maine Coon pedigrees and conformation.

We maintain a small cattery, which is our home and have only a few litters each year. Our kittens are raised in a bedroom with plenty of room to run and play. Once their vaccinations are complete they have the run of the house and socialize with the other cats we have. We spend a great deal of time and attention toward socializing our kittens.