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RW SGC CascadeMtn Daytona Speedway

Daytona is a brown classic torbie and white, born in our very first litter. Her flashy coast is a rich and vibrant mixture of reds and brown on white. She is a good sized girl who is long in the body and fairly tall with nice athletic balance. She has a nice head with large tightly set ears, a clean gently curving profile, expressive gold eyes and charming expression.

Health Information

HCM DNA status: Negative (both of Daytona’s parents have tested negative.)
Heart: Normal and Healthy. Screened via Doppler ultrasound in February 2007
Hips: Good at 1 year of age


Daytona earned her Supreme Grand Champion as a whole girl in the adult class in only four cat shows!!
Daytona won a Regional Award in the Top 20 Kittens category for the 2006/2007 TICA show year. She is the Northwest Region’s 16th Best Kitten.
She also won a Regional Award in the Top 20 LH Cats category for the 2006/2007 TICA show year. She is the Lorthwest Region’s 12th Best Longhair.

As a baby kitten Daytona was very competitive and pushed her littermates out of the way when she wanted to go someplace or wanted something – hence the name Daytona Speedway. She still holds on to that true torbie nature, she know what she wants and will tell you about it. But really this young lady is immensely good natured and easy going. She is affectionate and loves attention but can just as easily entertain herself. She enjoys sitting at the patio window and chattering at the sight of the birds in the back yard and will come running at the sound of water as she enjoys dipping her paws in the bathtub or dropping her toys in the water dish. Daytona loves to play fetch and she is lightening fast in returning the toy.