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IW SGCA Pinecoon Rolling Thunder - “Ripple"

2004-2005 Show Season

TICA’s Best Maine Coon Alter – Internationally
TICA’s Best Maine Coon Alter – Northwest Region
9th Best Alter – Internationally
3rd Best Alter – Northwest Region

Ripple is a very nicely patterned classic brown tabby with tremendous heavy boning and a very muscular body. He really enjoyed his time in the show hall, often greeting the judges with head bumps while purring through the day. At home his favorite game is “fetch the mouse”. He carries his toy mouse around the house and wherever we may be (he likes to begin this games at 5 a.m. when we are still trying to sleep) he drops the mouse and waits expectantly for us to throw it across the room. He then quickly runs to find the mouse and the game begins again! He is a lovely sweet tempered boy with a very affectionate personality.

To quote Betsy, Ripple’s first human mom & breeder, “Ripple is a gentle sweet fellow, less obnoxiously rowdy than his “monster” brothers, Rum and Rocky. He is outgoing and affectionate, and of the three boys, is the most likely to climb into your lap for a snuggle (rather than to play with your hair or jewelry).”

IW SGCA Pinecoon Rolling Thunder of CascadeMtn, affectionately know as “Ripple” is pictured in Maine Coon magazine. It is a magazine about Maine Coons, a publication by the editors of Cat Fancy magazine. You’ll find his photo on page 4 across from an article about the historical events that shaped the look of today’s Maine Coon cat. These photos of Ripple were taken by Helmi at the TICA annual in Edmonton, Alberta.