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SGC Whatatrill Bella Luna of CascadeMtn “Bella”

Bella is a very pretty blue classic tabby with white. Her head is simply amazing. She has a beautiful scoop profile and big boxy muzzle. She is a heavy substantial girl and the TICA judges love her. Bella is always up to no good. She amuses herself by getting into things around the house all the other cats leave alone. She has to be on the counter, on the dresser and up on the bookcase and always wants to rearrange whatever item she finds there. Bella is mischievous but full of adventure. When she is not busy being wayward she loves to lay very close to another cat buddy and sleep away the afternoon. Most cats have a physical boundary and would like their house mates to keep a certain distance. Bella ignores these conventions and smacks herself right up against whatever cat she happens to find in the spot she desires. More than one of the other cats in the house has given her the evil eye for this practice. We are very appreciative to our dear friend Janet Brown for giving us this sparkling jewel. We might tease about Bella and her mischievous manners but we love her and she is a constant chore, oops …I mean delight to have around.

Bella is out of Janet’s cats at Whatatrill. RW SGC Cascademtn Kona Black Sand of Whatatrill X RW QGC Whatatrill Megowatt.

Photos by Tetsu

Health Information
Heart: Bella was tested by board certified veterinary cardiologist Dr. Woodfield, in May 2010. She passed her test with no signs of HCM and has a very healthy heart.

Heart: Screened by Board Certified Veterinary Cardiologist Jerry Woodfield, DVM Diplomate ACVIM in November 2011. Her heart is normal and healthy. This is her second screening. Heart: Screened by Board Certified Veterinary Cardiologist Gary Wood, DVM, ACVIM in July 2013. Her heart is normal and healthy, this is her third screening.

HCM DNA testing on Bella:
She is negative as her ancestors are negative

Bella’s hips were screened by our vet in May, 2010 and found to be good with no signs of hip dsyplasia.

Bella's Pedigree

Photos by Chanan