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RW SGCCascadeMtn Indianapolis 500

Indiana is a brown classic tabby and white male from our first litter. We love Indiana’s coloring and clear, well-defined pattern. His expression is alert with curious deep gold eyes. It is set under a pair of large, nicely shaped ears with long lynx tips. His profile is gently curved and clean, leading to a long, square muzzle. He is well-balanced: long and lean with good size. His personality is laid-back and quiet; it invites you to stay awhile and spend some time to learn how sweet and special he is.


Indiana has a Regional Award within the Top 3 Maine Coons breed for the 2006/2007 show season. He is the Northwest Region’s 3rd Best Maine Coon Cat.

Indiana has a Regional Award within the Top 20 Cats category for the 2006/2007 show season. He is the Northwest Region’s 19 Best Cat.

Health Information

HCM DNA status: Negative (both of India’s parents have tested negative
Heart: Normal and healthy. Screened via Doppler ultrasound in 2/07

Indiana is most curious about the mechanics of writing with a pen or typing on a keyboard. He intently studies us at these tasks, and is willing to “help us” by battling at the pen with his paw. He loves to lay directly on top of the paperwork we are writing upon – with a paw on the keyboard. When he is not busy at the computer, his greatest joy is playing in the water at the sink and seeing how high up he can send water droplets. It is double the fun for him to watch and play with the water as it dribbles down the wall and mirror.

He has always been fiercely attached to the other cats in the house. His best buddy in the house, Domingo, he enthusiastically greets by sliding his full body against when he sees him after having been away at a show.

Indiana is now at home with Nancie Pruitt of Portland, Oregon, where he is loved and adored. Nancy also has Indiana’s half brother Billy. Billy and Indiana share many adventures at home where they are indulged and lavished with love.

Indiana meet Ripple for the first time

Indiana at 3 wks old