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CH Coonyham Maserati of CascadeMtn - “Mari”

Health Information

HCM DNA Status: Negative (both of Mari’s parent have tested negative.)

Heart: Normal and Healthy. Screened via Doppler ultrasound in November 2007

Hips: Good at 1 year of age

Mari is a lovely warm brown classic tabby girl, we snatched away from Sharon and Laura Cunningham of Coonyham cattery. Mari’s father is IW SGC Coonyham Lonestar, a boy known for producing babies that have his sweet and wonderful personality and type. Her mom is TGC Coonyham Calistoga, a girl with a wonderful mix of Coonyham and Pinecoon ancestory.

Mari and Savannah
The word that comes to mind when thinking of Mari is elegant. She has a smart way of walking elegantly into the room – like a model on a runway. She has beautiful long legs, is long and lean in the body, with a warm brown chocolate fur coat. Her ears are large and well placed, she has a wide muzzle, and a beautiful expression. We love this girl! Thanks to Laura and Sharon for sending her our way.

Mari at 14 weeks

Mari enjoying her cat tree