Cascade Mountain

Maine Coons

Our Maine Coon Retired Show Cats & Alumni

Champion Whatatrill Sierra of CascadeMtn "Sierra"

Sierra has the most beautiful thick and luxurious coat with colors of red and brown intertwined. Her most amazing feature is a very full bottlebrush like tail that you can hardly imagine. She always holds that beautiful tail upright and as she glides by the tail reminds me of the mast of a sailing ship slipping by. She has a nice deep chin and full muzzle sitting just below her gracefully curved clean profile. Of course her eyes are a deep pool of bright jade green and her expression is alert but playful. She is an easy going and very pleasant girl with a great personality. We appreciate and enjoy her sweet nature. Our express thanks to our good friend Janet Brown, for sending us this special girl.

Health Information
Sierra was tested by board certified veterinary cardiologist Dr. Woodfield, in May 2010. She passed her test with no signs of HCM and has a very healthy heart. Sierra’s hips were screened by our vet in May, 2010 and found to be good with no signs of hip dsyplasia.