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Broadsway Savannah of CascadeMtn - "Savannah"

Health Information

HCM DNA status: Negative (both of Savannah’s parents have tested negative.)

Her heart was screened via Doppler ultrasound by Board Certified Veterinary Cardiologist Dr. Woodfield of Seattle, WA. The heart was found normal and healthy in April, 2008.

Hips: Screened and free of hip dysplasia in April 2008

Savannah's Pedigree
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Savannah is a fantastic package of type, ears, wide muzzle and excellent chin! Her personality is outgoing, very inquisitive, and she is fearless. We can operate a vacuum cleaner right next to her or use a blow dryer full blast on her after a bath, she doesn’t mind at all. We hope her lack of fear will be a good thing since it will make her, and her off spring, good show cats. However, we have to work really hard to make certain there is nothing she can get into that might harm her.

Her name, Savannah, is in recognition of her birth place in the South, and she is sweet and charming as the southern belle she is. Really though, her personality, good looks, and type are a compliment to her parents: IW SGC Redding of Broadsway and Dracoonfly Devereaux of Broadsway. Our most sincere thanks to Jean Thompson and Jennifer Sable of Broadsway cattery for entrusting this lovely girl to us.