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Our Maine Coon Retired Show Cats & Alumni

RW SGCA Pinecoon Yukon Jack - "Jack"

2002-2003 Show Season

TICA's 24th Best International Alter
TICA Northwest Region's 7th Best Alter
Best Maine Coon Alter - Northwest Region

Jack's Pedigree

Jack has always been a goofball which is what Betsy, his first human "Mom" thought about him when she coined the phrase.  There is no other way to accurately describe this fellow. He is a brown tabby and white male goofball, born 8/25/01 into a litter of otherwise normal kittens. He gets it from both sides -- primarily from his dad Wills, who is so goofy he sometimes falls off cat trees on purpose; but also from his mom Susannah, who has a delightful and quirky personality.

As enthusiastic as Jack is about every aspect of playing, he is also a real cuddlebug.  Like his mom Susannah, he loves to burrow under bedcovers. He particularly likes it if you make a "tent" for him under the sheets; he happily explores the tent, and then comes out to be petted, purring and strutting.  He'll go in and out repeatedly for as long as you let him, purring like crazy the whole time.

His favorite spot to sleep is on Susan's head. After walking and kneading all over her pillow (and pulling her hair in the process) he settles down to sleep, taking up most of the pillow and laying a good portion of his body right on her head.