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Williamina Honey Bee of CascadeMtn "Honey Bee"

Honey Bee is a young lady with a beautiful golden brown coat that reminds us of honey or pralines or toffee. It is such an unusually light tawny brown and so lovely. Honey’s large ears and impressively long lynx tips are dramatic and really are her Wow! factor. Everything else about her is just as lovely. She has a compelling expression, large upright ears, and a wide boxy muzzle. Her coat is beautiful in color and long and full. She is a sweet cat with a confident demeanor and she is impressively unfazed with loud airports, hotel lobbies or show halls. We’ve enjoyed having her here as a sweet companion as she likes to be near us and lay on our laps for a good purr session or help us when we are going about the work to be done. She is talkative and has a wonderful personality. We appreciate and thank our friends Michi and Russ for bringing Honey to us from their home in Japan.

Honey Bee is out of RW SGC Coonyham Rowdy Yates of Williamina and Williamina Laura.

Health Information

Honey saw board certified veterinary cardiologist, Dr. Woodfield in Seattle for her cardio exam and echo. Screened via Doppler ultrasound in February 2011
Hips were screened and found good by our veterinarian, February 2010.

All Photos by Helmi Flick