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Champion Mainesuspect Dolce of CascadeMtn

"Dolce is now retired"

Dolce is a sweet charming girl with incredible personalilty and easy going nature. She is a girl who wants jewelry and pretty things she finds from around the house.

If she could manage it would be handbags, designer shoes and cosmetics.

She has a secret stash of confiscated items and could have easily been named Jewel Thief!

She is a delight to have at our house and she gets along well with the other girls. That is, only if they understand they cannot touch her toys.

Health Information
Dolce’s was tested by board certified veterinary cardiologist Dr. Woodfield, in May 2010. She passed her test with no signs of HCM and has a very healthy heart. Dolce’s hips were screened by our vet in May, 2010 and found to be good with no signs of hip dsyplasia

Dolce's Pedigree

We love her intense contrasty color, pattern and rich coat. While these photos make her brown classic coat look cold it actually is really warm with caramel tones.

She has a nice clean profile, substantial weight and a round chunky muzzle. Our many thanks to our dear friend, Sherry Campbell for sending us this really special girl.