Cascade Mountain

Maine Coons

Our Maine Coon Cats - Females

Double Grand Champion
KelimCoons Baccarat of CascadeMtn

Brown Classic Torbie with White

Meet Baccarat


Mainesuspect Eskimo Pie

Brown Classic with White

Meet Kaci

Triple Grand Champion CascadeMtn Creme de Cacao

Brown Classic with White Female

Meet Coco

Calicats Charlie Girl 
Of CascadeMtn

Brown with White Classic Tabby

Meet Charlie

CascadeMtn Santa Catalina

Brown Classic Tabby with White

Meet Catalina

Tropikoons Hula Girl of CascadeMtn

Black Silver classic with White

Meet Kiki




Regional Winner
Supreme Grand Champion CascadeMtn
Daytona Speedway

Brown Classic Torbie and White Female

Meet Daytona

TICA’s Second Best Maine Coon Kitten
NW Region 2006 – 2007 Awards Season

Daytona is now retired

Regional Winner
Supreme Grand Champion
Broadsway RedCorvette of CascadeMtn

Red with White Ticked Tabby female

Meet Corrie

TICA’s Best Maine Coon
NW Region 2008 – 2009 Awards Season

Red Corvette is now retired