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Our Maine Coon Show Cats & Alumni

RW SGCA Smokeycoons Ruger of CascadeMtn - “Ranger”

2004-2005 Show Season

16th Best Kitten Northwest Region
2nd Best Maine Coon Kitten Northwest Region

2005-2006 Show Season

56th Best Alter Northwest Region
2nd Best Maine Coon Alter Northwest Region

Ranger is a brown classic tabby with white, altered male. At only 8 months of age Ranger looked like an adult. He has a very long and tall body with an abundance of beautifully textured soft and silky flowing coat. He is a young, playful fellow who has great size and is now in the process of packing on some weight. Ranger loves to lie on his back, squirm and purr while we rub the underside of his chin. He especially enjoys romps through the house with the other cats and he effortlessly loves to run up and down the staircase. Now if we could only figure out a way to get him to carry supplies up the stairs for us! We thank our friend Elaine Weitz of Smokeycoons, for this sweet beautiful boy of our’s. Ranger is now retired from the show hall and happily spends his days at home with the Miller family of Beaverton, Oregon.




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All photos are copyrighted material. Professional photos by Chanan, Helmi, Tetsu, Jim Brown, Zoo Crew, Paradox and Diana Starr; home photos by CascadeMountain, Coonyham, Gebuhrcoons, and Pinecoon.