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Caramel Macchiato - "Mac"

Mac's Pedigree
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Caramel Macchiato is a kitten from our April 2008 litter, his father is Coondalay Macallan of Pinecoon and his mom is Coonyham Maserati of CascadeMtn.

Caramel Macchiato or Mac, as we call him, is a very social guy. He loves the other cats in the house and every person he has ever met. He likes to make the rounds at our house as if he were working a cocktail party and moving from group to group to meet all the party goers.

His charismatic personality and interest in everyone compels him to move along greeting us all individually, giving us a head bump or licking our hands and allowing us to feast on his incredible presence and handsome mug.

“Mac at 10 months”

Mac has a rich warm caramel brown colored coat with a bushy broom like tail. His eyes are ringed with dark brown eyeliner which highlights pale green eyes – a suitable setting for his playful but intelligent gaze.

His expression is sweet but holds a hint of pixie magic to arrest your attention and promise adventure.

We love his clowning around as he rolls around on his back with his feet in the air just to be silly and just to have some fun. Then suddenly he may jump up and charge off running up the stairs as fast as he can go, just to be silly and just to have some fun.

He is a treasure to have around because his personality is unique, sweet natured and wonderfully playful.

“Mac on the left with his brother Buzz – 12 weeks old”

“Mac at 7 weeks”