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RW SGC Broadsway RedCorvette of CascadeMtn

Broadsway Red Corvette is TICA’s Northwest Region’s Best Maine Coon Cat
2008/2009. Way To Go Corrie!!!

Meet SGC Broadsway RedCorvette of CascadeMtn. She’s a playful energetic spunky girl who loves to be front and center. Personality, style and type is what this gal is all about! Her motor is revving loudly as she negotiates the corners and curves of the staircase with ease and blows the finish line. Little red corvette, baby you’re much too fast…

Her body is long and sleek and she’s got the stuff we dream of. Under the hood you’ll find that muscular hard body and heavy boning underlie a beautiful rich red coat with an extravagantly long flowing tail. Her head is enhanced with a gently curving profile, that tops a deep and square chin. She’s got the look and the confidence that says “Look at Me”. We think you’ll agree – she’s a winner!

Thanks to Jennifer Sable and Jean Thompson of Broadsway cattery for sending us this beautiful, smart and funny girl. She is a special girl and we just adore her. We’re jazzed about “Corrie”, and think she’ll be doing laps in the show hall.