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Gebuhrcoons Biscotti of CascadeMtn - “Tia"

We had an early Christmas present this year from Germany!  Our good friend Sandra of Gebuhrcoons sent us a beautiful Brown Classic Tabby female we’ve named Biscotti or, “Tia”.  Thank you Sandra for sending us this sweet and beautiful young girl! 

From the moment we opened the carrier door we’ve been so excited and overjoyed with this spectacular kitten. 

Her pedigree has a wonderful mix as her dad is Juniatas Kopernikus of Gebuhrcoons’ and her mom is Terracoon Mika of Gebuhrcoons’ 

 Thanks also to Katherine Schier and Phyllis Kennedy for everything you’ve done to help this happen.

HCM DNA status: Negative (both of Biscotti’s parents have tested negative.)

Tia's Pedigree
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Biscotti is an attractive girl with a pleasing and well balanced face.  Her ears are good sized and correctly placed under which deep expressive gold eyes gaze back at you. 

She has a gently curving profile placed over a well formed muzzle with equal size to both the upper and lower jaw.    

Her rich dramatically dark coat sets off a prominent classic tabby pattern topping a sturdy and muscular body. 

While she has all the important physical components of a “typey” Maine Coon, her personality is what we are most impressed with.  She is steady and calm but playful, inquisitive and very loving.  She is often found batting around a toy mouse or at the window watching the birds outside in the yard.  Her all time favorite hangout is at the top of the cat tree where she can survey all the goings on in the house.