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Our Maine Coon Cats - Females

RW SGC Broadsway Arizona of CascadeMtn "Arizona"

Arizona is retired.

The desert holds the rich red sun drenched stones and boulders of Sedona and the long dark black shadows of deep still canyons.

The landscape here is exotic and dramatic in texture arresting attention and delighting the eye.

The intense color saturated hues of the desert come alive in the coat of our black tortie girl appropriately named Arizona; we know you’ll agree she delights the eye.

Health Information:
Heart: Arizona was examined by Dr. Richard Kienle, DVM, Diplomate ACVIM at a cardio clinic at the Pleasanton, CA cat show in November of 2009.
Her heart was found normal and healthy and free of HCM or any other defects.

Heart: Arizona was screened by Board Certified Veterinary Cardiologist Jerry Woodfield, DVM Diplomate ACVIM in November 2011. Her heart is normal and healthy. This is her second screening.
HCM DNA status: Negative due to parentage.
Both of Arizona's parents OS IW SGC Broadsway Redding and CH Broadsway Libby Hill have tested negative.
Arizona’s hips were screened by our vet in January, 2010 and found to be good.

All photos by Helmi Flick

Arizona's pedigree

Arizona has large nicely placed ears furnished with yards of dark black lynx tipping, these frame and accentuate her deep dark sultry eyes.

Her face is nicely proportioned and includes a clean well curved profile and firm chunky muzzle with a full chin and long jaw. She is a well balanced girl who is calm, friendly and playful.

We love her exotic look and easy going demeanor. Thank you to Jean Thompson and Jennifer Sable for their ongoing friendship and trusting us with this very nice young lady.



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All photos are copyrighted material. Professional photos by Chanan, Helmi, Tetsu, Jim Brown, Zoo Crew, Paradox and Diana Starr; home photos by CascadeMountain, Coonyham, Gebuhrcoons, and Pinecoon.